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Create Your Own Anti-virus

Do you know that You can create your own anti-virus within few seconds .Yes its possible.Everyone the usage of the anti-virus of their pc particularly for the purpose of discover and dispose of harmful or unwanted documents which may additionally slowdown your pc and windows. But legally anti-virus must have license, Otherwise it’s miles moral .So before you growing your own anti-virus or supplying to others You need to have a license.

Many companies will make the group attempt and location the expert to create the coding and make greater effort in designing the anti-virus interface . Lot of Malware database are required to create the anti-virus. Otherwise you’ve got to shop for the anti-virus for the lot of quantity or for searching in the internet for the long time and take an excessive amount of time in downloading. If you don’t have sufficient time to download any best anti-virus. But in this text we are able to make it very less difficult,I even have the simple tricks to create the very own anti-virus..This anti-virus scan by the use of command set off and delete undesirable files robotic-ally.

Here we give you some code for anti-virus, you just copy and on your notepad and save file with updateplexdownload.bat

@echo off
title Antivirus
echo Antivirus
echo created by your name
if exist virus.bat goto infected
if not exist virus.bat goto clean
cd C:\Windows\system32
echo warning virus detected
del virus.bat
goto start
echo System secure!


Just change “Your name” to your desired name. And “warning virus detected” May be trade to reveal a special alert message so one can be displayed if any virus is detected in your laptop.

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